The dream of most couples is to have a baby. When they see the hopes of having a baby, it is completely natural for them to wonder about the gender of the baby. Therefore they tend to do so many things in order to guess and predict the gender of the baby. Because of this reason, baby gender prediction methods are a hot topic among the parents-to-be. Different types of baby gender prediction methods are available in the present world and some of them can predict accurate results. The ancient Chinese Gender Chart is probably the first choice as it is easy and free. Other than that, the Drano gender test and the Ring test can be considered as the two most popular ways of predicting the gender of a baby in a successful way.

Drano Gender Test

The Drano baby gender prediction test is specifically designed to predict and determine the gender of a baby in the fourth month after conception. People will have to seek the assistance of a substance called crystal Drano, in order to do this test. They will need about 2 tablespoons of Crystal Drano and a medium-sized glass or glass jar. The Drano method of determining gender is a simple task. First, the couple will need a fresh urine sample of about three ounces. Then they will have to keep the crystal Drano inside the jar and pour the urine sample carefully to it until the urine level and the Drano level become the same in quantity. After that, it will give a strong smell and the mixture will turn into dark brownish color within a few seconds. The baby gender prediction takes place at this point, so the expectant couple will have to observe the color change carefully. If the color change takes place in about 10 seconds, it will be a girl. If it takes about 15 seconds for the color change, it will be a boy.

Some people argue that the prediction of the Drano gender test should be determined by the final color change. So dark brown or blue represents a boy and green color represents a girl. Anyway, this method is very simple and parents will not have to get the assistance of a professional to carry this task.

Ring Test

The Ring test can be considered as the other popular method of gender prediction. It is an accurate type of old wives’ tale. This baby gender prediction method is also very simple. The expectant mother will have to hold the ring over her left palm in a steady way.

Once the ring stops wobbling, it will start moving in a cycle or in a swing. If the ring moves in a cycle, it will be a girl and if the ring starts swinging, it will be a boy. Some parents say that this method becomes a success. It can even predict miscarriages as well. If it pauses between each one and stops when finished, the reason will be a miscarriage. This method does not need more expensive equipment and an expectant couple can predict the gender within a few seconds. However, people always have to remember that all these methods do not give 100% correct predictions at every time.