The fundamental idea of acupuncture is to foster health via the correction of the imbalance of internal energy flow. The insertion of fine needles into various parts of the human body elicits the production of various chemicals, which in turn contribute to the healing response. The acupuncture points are mainly found along the invisible pathways of concentrated bioelectric energy called qi. Acupuncture Practitioners use needles to move the qi by techniques of reinforcing, warming, reducing, clearing, ascending, and descending. The purpose is to move the qi energy in the right direction to generate the desired physical and emotional response.

Infertility in Women

The Chinese have been using acupuncture in pregnancy and infertility treatment for over 2000 years. In the western world, there are increasing numbers of couples who employ acupuncture to increase the chance of conception. As the main reason behind infertility is the unbalance of hormones within the body. The ancient Chinese acupuncture technique can solve this issue by boosting the blood flow to the tissues. This method has been recognized as a successful method of balancing the qi energy within the body and it has also the ability to bring plenty of health benefits to the women’s body. Hormone balance is very important for the women in order to solve the underlying problems that can be found in ovaries. Improved blood flow to the tissues can help them to create thick walls inside the uterus and that will create a healthy environment for a baby. Acupuncture is also effective in treating infertility due to amenorrhoea, endometriosis, and fallopian tube blockage.

Acupuncture can also decrease the risk of miscarriage. Therefore many women go through these treatments before and after an embryo transfer. An individual should have mental fitness as well as physical fitness in order to get pregnant. From medical researchers, it has been found that acupuncture is a successful method available for a person to gain mental fitness and relaxation. This will assist a lot for a pregnant woman to get rid of anxiety, stress, agitation, and worries during pregnancy. This can be considered as a great way to deliver a healthy baby with less hassle.

Infertility in Men

Acupuncture treatment can solve the issues that are related to male infertility as well. Low sperm count in males can be considered as the main reason behind male infertility. People can get the benefits of acupuncture treatments in order to increase sperm density in their semen. As it can increase the blood circulation, more sperms are produced and they can give successful results for pregnancy. Acupuncture can also remove tubal blockages that can be found in sperm tubal spasms. There are some instances where the body needs its own healing. Acupuncture can increase the self-healing process of the human body and people will get the opportunity to recover from illnesses within a short period of time.

Acupuncture is reputed as a healthy method and it does not have the ability to create side effects for a human being. They are completely natural and the internal body stimulations are done in a natural way. Therefore any person can go through these treatments without any hesitation. However, you should be careful to select an experienced practitioner in order to get the treatment done.

Give it a shot! Acupuncture can help you!