Expected mum or dad, are you excited to know your baby’s gender? Have some fun trying our collection of gender prediction tests. Even you are not pregnant, you can amaze your pregnant friends by telling them the gender of their baby carried. Aside from various gender prediction methods, you can also find useful pregnancy information from our site.


chinese gender predictor calculator

Perhaps the most accurate gender prediction method without going to the clinic

Various gender prediction methods

We have more than 100 fun ways to determine the sex of unborn babies

Chinese gender selector

Select baby gender with the ancient Chinese Gender Chart

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gender prediction dreams

Your dreams could be a hints of your baby gender, or they could be reflections of some underlying issues caused by pregnancy.

lunar age calculator

This tool converts Gregorian calendar month and date to their Chinese (Lunar) counterparts

Ovulation & Due Date Calculator

Find out the best or most fertile time to get pregnant