When you are pregnant, your dreams will change and they will become bizarre, weird, crazy, and sometimes that may become exceptionally frightening. During pregnancy, a woman may experience a theme to her dreams. Below are a few of the most common themes in dreams of pregnant women:

Your baby is born, but it’s not human, it’s an animal

Before having a child, the nearest a lot of women have experienced motherhood is the owning of a pet. In comparison, however, taking care of a kitten or puppy is far simpler than stepping into the unknown that is motherhood. When a pregnant woman dreams that she is giving birth to a pet, the animal is symbolic of the baby she will have, and the dream is symbolized as a “practicing” dream for the road ahead. What this means is that the mind is practicing what it will be like to give birth and nurture, but on a level that is less complicated and more manageable. A pregnant woman may experience this dream when she has an underlying fear of becoming responsible for a helpless human baby.

Your baby is born, but you have given birth to an alien

While this dream may be somewhat frightening, it is a normal dream. During pregnancy, you will often feel as if your body has been taken over by an alien. Dream of Alien During your pregnancy, you only know what your baby will look like by looking at the sonogram image – in this image a baby will often look like an alien. This type of pregnancy dream is therefore similar to the dream where you give birth to an animal; you are uncertain of who your baby will be, or just how you will cope looking after him.

Cheating dreams

During pregnancy, it is more common to have erotic dreams. This is due to changes in your hormones as well as different emotions and increased blood flow. The people in these dreams will represent something about you and who you are. If a colleague features in your dream, you are actually dreaming about yourself and who you actually are in regards to the person. If you dream that you get back together with an ex-partner it does not mean that you wish that you actually would. However, this type of dream can occur when you are feeling somewhat scared about what lies ahead. If you are scared or feeling trapped about becoming a mother, you may dream about the past and time when you were free from responsibility.

A dream, however, that your husband is being unfaithful to you is generally a sign that you are insecure and vulnerable. When you are pregnant your body will go through many physical changes and you may not feel as attractive as before you fell pregnant. A dream like this often represents a fear that a husband will no longer desire their wife due to their body shape during and post-pregnancy. However, you need to reassure yourself here that dreams have nothing to do with the actual reality of your husband’s feelings towards you.

Dreams about traveling and losing control

When you are pregnant you may often dream that you are traveling on a rollercoaster or that you are in a car but that you are trapped in the back. This type of dream will represent a loss of control that you are feeling when you are pregnant. This type of dream can be terrifying or exhilarating, and the way you feel about the dream will depend on your reaction when you wake up from the dream.

Water related dreams

During the nine months of pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s dreams will include water in different forms. If you dream that you are swimming around then this could signify that you are trying to connect with your unborn child who is swimming in the womb. This type of dream also represents a connection with nature as you will feel as though you are an integral part of nature during your gestation. If you dream that you are drowning, this can signify that you are scared as well as overwhelmed by what lies ahead for you. Also, you may be worried about your waters breaking in a public or inappropriate place. If you dream about the ocean and the crashing of the waves this will often signify that you will give birth very soon.

Childhood home or friends from childhood appearing in dreams

If you dream about the past, then you are dreaming about your past and at the same time saying goodbye to the life you had in the past when you were free and child-free, ready to welcome your new identity when you become a mother.

Dreams about losing or forgetting your baby somewhere

If you dream that you leave your baby in the supermarket or in the hospital, or that you leave it alone at home then you are not alone. Experts believe that this type of dream is connected to the fear of becoming a parent for the first time.

Dreams about the sex of your baby

Dreaming about the gender of your baby is also extremely common. Women don’t have physic powers, and dreaming about the sex of your baby means different things to different women. You may dream that your baby will be a boy because you hope it will be, or you may dream of having a boy in fear when what you really want is a girl.

A. Expecting a son ♂


  • A big snake – expecting a son
  • A dragon – expecting a son and he will be very famous in the future
  • A dragon head – a very handsome boy
  • A cow with horns – expecting a filial son
  • A pig – the baby will be very rich in the future. A black pig implies a son and a white pig implies a daughter.
  • A sea turtle – expecting a son who will become a man of great power and influence
  • A tiger – expecting an upright and brave son
  • A rooster – expecting a son
  • A rooster on the roof – the name of your son will shine through history
  • Chasing by a dog – a renowned man in the future
  • Riding on a runaway house – expecting an honest son


  • Many fresh fruits – expecting a son
  • Dream of a crop farm – expecting a son who will become a leader in the future
  • Touch an eggplant – expecting a son
  • Dream of bamboo – A powerful man in the future

  • Dream of chrysanthemum – expecting a son
  • Eating or smelling of muskmelon – expecting a son


  • Dream about any of these food – cucumber, jujube, date, pepper, potato, sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, corn, red pepper and ginseng


  • Gold or silver cup – a talented boy
  • A pair of rings – expecting a son
  • A gem – expecting a son

B. Expecting a daughter ♀


  • Dream of a carp – expecting a talented and beautiful daughter
  • Dream of a butterfly – expecting a girl
  • Dream of a dove – expecting a girl
  • Dream of a mandarin duck – expecting a beautiful girl
  • Tale of a dragon – expecting a beautiful girl


  • Moon held in the arms – expecting a girl
  • A big and round moon – a multi-talented girl
  • Pink clouds – a beautiful and talented girl
  • A calm lake or river – expecting a girl
  • Wide open field – expecting a girl
  • Praying in the sea – expecting a girl


  • Received fresh flowers – a beautiful girl
  • Dream of cherry blossoms – a beautiful girl
  • Dream of a willow tree – expecting a girl
  • Dream of a plum – expecting a girl


  • Pak choi – expecting a girl


  • Gold jewelry or gold ring – a beautiful daughter
  • Received cosmetics – a beautiful daughter
  • Many gems – expecting a daughter

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