The Rabbit is the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. It belongs to the “wood” element among the Chinese five elements. The Rabbit is quiet and tame, he may look weak, but he is fast-paced and responsive. Therefore, people born in the Year of the Rabbit have polarising personalities.

The Rabbit hour (5:00 am ~7:00 am) refers to when the sun has risen and starting to shine its rays. At these hours, the rabbit runs out from its nest to nibble on the grass filled with dew. The ancient Chinese observed this and associated these two hours with rabbits.

Years of the Rabbit

Lucky Things

Lucky Numbers : 3, 4, 9
Lucky Flowers : cyclamen, plantain lily
Lucky Colors : Red, Pink, Purple, Blue

Personality of the Rabbit


The Rabbit is gentle and understanding, full of emotions, very meticulous when it comes to work, and is constantly aware of changes around him. There is a Chinese saying ‘the cunning rabbit has three holes to its burrow’, and its meaning is not entirely derogatory. To be able to protect one’s self in order to improve and be successful, this is the best trait of the Rabbit.


The Rabbit also has obvious shortcomings. The Rabbit tends to be less ambitious, can be petty and overly concerned about the small things. It might seem that the Rabbit has a submissive personality; however, his vanity is not easily changed overnight. This can result in the Rabbit focusing on handling his interpersonal relations with others and neglecting the determination to improve. It is not the best way to handle things even though ‘the Rabbit will bite when it gets anxious’.

The Rabbit and the Life Path Number

In Numerology, the birth date has significant influences on people’s life. In fact, a life path number can be derived from the sum total of the digits that make up your birth date. Your life path number together with your Chinese Zodiac sign can explore the real you. Here are the traits of the Rabbit in reacting to different Life Path Numbers.

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Life Path number
Insecure, often suspicious of love
Quick-witted but dislike self-expression
Possess inherent spirituality, andlike to provide suggestions for others
Vain, yet with average capabilityand like to put others down
Lack vision and judgment, prone to failures
Obsessed about money
Possess innate artistic talent and extraordinary charm
Possess rich imagination, and know how to capitalize on oneself’s qualities
Concise, opinion leaders in the eyes of others

The Compatibility of the Rabbit with other Chinese Zodiac Animals

The Rabbit Combines with the Western Zodiac Signs

In the laws of the universe, many areas will use the number “12” to divide some static systems. In the West, there are twelve constellations and in the East, there are twelve zodiac signs. Their difference lies in one goes with using a month as the unit of measurement, and the other uses a year for the unit of measurement. When the zodiac is combined with the constellations, it creates a unique character. The following is a character combination of the Rabbit with the 12 zodiacal constellations.

Jan 20 - Feb 18Loyal, a best friend, a writer
Feb 19 - Mar 20Loves socialising
Mar 21 - Apr 19Brutal and indulgent
Apr 20 - May 20Gentle and pious
May 21 - Jun 20Dissatisfied with status quo, loves adventure
Jun 21 - Jul 22Gentle and kind
Jul 23 - Aug 22Looks gentle on the surface, but is aggressive in nature
Aug 23 - Sep 22Smart
Sep 23 - Oct 22Charming, charismatic
Oct 23 - Nov 21Full of tricks, versed in controlling others
Nov 22 - Dec 21Balanced, smart and kind
Dec 22 - Jan 19Stubborn, does not follow the usual