There’s a correlation between cell phone use in pregnancy and behavioral problems in their children …

Dr. Hugh Taylor, Yale School of Medicine

It is imperative that pregnant women limit the exposure of their unborn babies to radiations that has the potential to impair the normal growth of their unborn babies by keeping their mobile devices away from their tummies.

This call was made by doctors and scientists from Harvard and Yale university at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting that was held at Baltimore. They further explained that radiation from mobile devices has the potential of affecting brain development. It was advised that parents and guardians should limit their children’s exposure to tablets, cellphones, and other wireless devices because it does lead to behavioral and concentration anomalies.

Although, the research made so far on the impact of microwave radiations and radiofrequency emissions by wireless devices on children are not extensive. However, the few studies made have provided strong pointers that parents should be cautious.

ctia logoThe assertions by this group of doctors could possibly revive the old debate on the possible health hazards of cellphones which the mobile industry vehemently refuted in times past. A statement by the United States FDA was cited by the CTIA (A trade association representing the US wireless industry) stating that there is no concrete evidence that the use of mobile devices can be hazardous to health.

In a statement by CTIA representative, the group took a stand opposing the scientific community statement on the potential health risks of cellphones. The group claimed that they have reviewed the scientific evidence presented and have come to a unanimous conclusion that wireless devices do not pose any health risks to adults and children alike.

The group further asserted that besides the FDA, other organizations such as the World Health Organization, American Cancer Society, and other parallel organizations of international repute have stated that scientific evidence proved that the radio frequency emitted by cellphones does not prove to be hazardous to health.

The association went further to state that the FCC has claimed that all mobile phones that are legitimately sold within the US are “safe”.FCC does evaluate scientific research findings on a consistent basis and has set a standard on RF exposure based on the recommended guidelines that have been set by international standard-setting organizations.

Despite the arguments by CTIA, the researchers affirmed that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classed both microwave radiation and Radio Frequency as possible cancer-causing agents for humans and also presented early research that they claimed may prove a similar correlation.

In certain research, Dr. Hugh Taylor, the Chairperson of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science at Yale school of medicine placed cellphones on the top of cages filled with pregnant mice. The offspring of the mice were studied and were found to have low memory and hyperactive. Dr. Tailor claimed that the offspring in questions were not paying attention to their surroundings; they were simply bouncing off the walls without paying caring for anything.

The research was further analyzed by Dr. Martha Herbert who works with the Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. She studied the biological factors that could have gone wrong with autism and found a strong indicator pointing to the electromagnetic field of Wifi as the causative factor. She explained that the electromagnetic field alters calcium signaling to the brain. The calcium signal does regulate the flow of information from the cell membranes to the nucleus.

Dr. Herbert explained further that the radiation can make the brain get overexcited and irritated which could possibly lead to autism. However, there are other factors that may play a role but the radiations can definitely aggravate the condition.

Another research that used brain models and computer simulations revealed that a child’s brain can absorb about 10 times more microwave radiation compared to an adult due to the small and thin nature of the child’s skull compared with that on an adult.

The head of Environmental Health Trust, a Wyoming based organization that studies and advocates environmental health hazards joined the researchers at the conference in issuing the warning about the potential health risks caused by wifi and mobile devices. Devra Davis, the trust’s founder said that there are lots of uncertainties that cannot be disputed. She said it is expedient to take caution; else, we will find ourselves experimenting with our children.

The weight of the evidence is clear: cell phones do cause brain cancer,…

Dr. Devra Davis, Environmental Health Trust

Although, the researchers’ agreed that more studies are needed to ascertain the facts involved. However, parents can simply be cautious by preventing the exposure of their children to such radiations.

The researchers’ advised pregnant women to keep their cellphones away from their stomach and men should not keep cell phones in their pockets as the radiations may cause low sperm count or impotence. Women should keep cellphones in their Bra or shirt pocket. Wireless baby monitors should not be kept close to the infant’s head.

The researchers, however, said that the study process may take years to get a definite finalized result. However, from the present findings, it will be safer to take caution.