pregnantMany Chinese people still hold on to some old beliefs concerning those women who just deliver a baby should do. The desire to please their elders and follow deep-seated traditions adds to many new moms’ anxiety. In reality, modern medicine has debunked many of these long-held ideas. Women, who just gave birth, can return to enjoying their normal, healthy lives shortly after giving birth. Here are several commonly held beliefs:

  • Belief 1: New mothers should not be exposed to wind, so they have to stay at home for the first month after delivery.

    Reality: In the old days, new moms would become ill due to poor nutrition and their compromised immune systems. Today, most mothers have access to nutritious food and prenatal care. Both of these increase a new mom’s ability to resist infection. In addition, new moms’ rooms should be well-ventilated with clean, fresh air. If a fan is required during the hot summer months, it should blow in the opposite direction, not towards, the new mom. Doctors recommend keeping the room temperature between 23 and 27 degrees C and the humidity below 65%.

  • Belief 2: New mothers should not eat fruits and vegetables after delivery, especially if they are cold.

    Reality: Vitamins play a vital role in body recovery and milk secretion. Vegetables and Fruits are rich in fiber and vitamins, which helps with digestion. Doctors advocate the positive effects of vitamins, especially Vitamin C, for help in wound healing and repairing tissue. New mothers need to be cautious with their diet and should eat fresh, nutritious foods.

  • Belief 3: Women cannot wash their body for the first 30 days following delivery

    Reality: Once the genital area has healed and the new mom feels up to it, new moms can take a shower. They should limit the shower to only about 5-10 minutes, dry off completely, and put on clean, warm clothes to avoid getting cold. In addition, Pregnant women should ensure their hair is dry before they go to bed to prevent neck pain and headaches.

  • Belief 4: New mothers should not have sex until at least two months after giving birth

    Reality: This one is true, according to the experts. It takes at least 8 weeks for the reproductive organs to recover from delivery. Early sex may easily cause inflammation or other uterine complications. New moms should wait until the lochia is completely discharged, which takes about two months, before resuming normal sexual activities.