Struggling to conceive is by no means an uncommon problem. In fact, statistics suggest around one in seven couples trying to start a family has fertility problems. If you are one of those couples, and you’ve had a medical showing no problem, you might want to turn to ancient wisdom to help you relax and help nature take its course. Feng Shui has several ways to help you improve your chances of pregnancy.

Auspicious Position

In Feng Shui, the Flying star system is the most powerful form that most professional practitioners use. There are nine stars in the system, and each with its own influence that can harbor you to good luck and fortune, or bring you to disaster or even your downfall. Practitioners place symbolic objects and colors to bring good luck and fortune in different aspects of a client’s life. The nine flying stars of the Feng Shui star system each represent different influences. The auspicious star, one of the nine, flies in different directions every year, as the table below shows. If you place red objects for luck in the correct position for the current year, whether it’s a red picture frame, hanging pendant on a ribbon, or even a red carpet, your chances of fertility are said to increase. You can also put pictures of babies under this star to bring your own bundle of joy to you. Here are the flying directions of the auspicious star from 2019 to 2028.

Auspicious Directions (2019-2028)

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Lucky Position

Another wandering star that changes direction every year, the lucky star position is also a good place to put red objects and baby pictures to increase your fertility.

Lucky Position (2019-2028)

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Best Time to Get Pregnant

According to Feng Shui, the best day of the month to conceive is linked to a woman’s age. You have to calculate your age using a lunar calendar, and then consistently have intercourse on the specified day of the month in the table below. Use the lunar age calculator if you don’t know how to find out your lunar age.

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Bedroom Decoration

As you might expect, if you want to enhance your fertility using Feng Shui, the best place to start is in the bedroom. Begin by clearing the floor, table, dresser, and other furniture tops of any clutter, as all those sharp angles will disrupt the smooth flow of chi around the room. If you have any doubt, just clear the visible mess and stand in the room, noticing how much calmer and relaxed you feel when your room is free of unsightly mess. That is the essence of Feng Shui at work. When you feel calmer and more relaxed because your surroundings are conducive to relaxation, your chances of conceiving are immediately improved.

Obviously, sometimes it takes a little more than a clean and tidy room for nature to take its course, though. If you want to egg mother nature on, there are a few Feng Shui tricks you can try. Hang red paper lanterns either side of the bed, as not only do they symbolize the yang of the marital relationship, but they’re the color of passion, and will add spice to your décor. Other symbols to include to aid fertility include a single hollow stem of bamboo; a dragon (on his side of the bed) to enhance his virility and light the flames of passion; and pictures with pairs of images, such as birds, people, and fish. Images of two fish are considered particularly potent in helping with fertility as that is the symbol of marriage in Feng Shui. Another animal symbolically linked to pregnancy and fertility in Feng Shui is the elephant, so you could balance the dragon on his side of the bed with an elephant on hers, particularly if you want a boy, as elephants are linked to male children in Feng Shui.

Door Entrance

Your attempts to influence fertility is not limited at the bedroom door. In fact, they should focus on another door entirely, your front door. In every aspect of Feng Shui, ensuring a free flow of energy into the house is vital, so clear clutter from your hallway, porch, and entrance, both inside and out. That’s because a blocked entrance prevents good chi from entering the home.

Even modern medicine supports the ancient knowledge that the less you are stressed by your surroundings and the more they nurture you, the more likely you are to conceive naturally. You don’t have to take infertility lying down, and before you turn to more drastic measures, maybe it’s worth giving the practical and spiritual aspects of Feng Shui a try.