The Lunar (Chinese) calendar is one of the lunisolar calendars. It is based on the moon’s phrases and the longitude of the sun. People in China call it Yin calendar, while the Gregorian calendar is Yang calendar. Although the Lunar calendar is not as popular as the Gregorian (Western) calendar, many Chinese are still applying the calendar in daily life.

Gregorian to Lunar Calendar Converter

To convert a Gregorian date (1931~2030) into its corresponding Lunar date, use the converter below. If you want to find out Chinese lunar age, please use our Lunar Age Calculator.

Lunar to Gregorian Calendar Converter

Many traditional Chinese festivals are still determined by the Lunar calendar (see Table 1). By knowing the corresponding western calendar date, you can pick the right time to visit the Chinese communities and celebrate these festivals with the Chinese.

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The lunar 24 segments are still being used by the Chinese to determine the best times to plant and harvest. In addition, the calendar is essential for various kinds of Chinese fortune tellings, like Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗數), Four Pillar Bazi (四柱八字) and Tik Pan San Sou (鐵板神數). There are a lot of Chinese who believe that spouses and employees can only be chosen if their Chinese Zodiac is compatible. Needless to say, the two great ancient Chinese inventions, Feng Shui and the Chinese Gender Chart also use the Lunar calendar as the standard for calculation.