It is completely natural for a couple to be curious about the gender of their expected baby. In fact, hundreds of baby gender prediction methods are available in the present world to fulfill the curiosity of them. Out of them, hi-tech methods gained a lot of positive reputation because of their high accuracy.

There are so many benefits of baby gender prediction for an expectant couple. It will assist a lot for them to plan things in a proper way and create an optimum environment for the baby. Parents will get busy after the delivery, so it is important for them to plan the things before the delivery date.

Ultrasound Exam

The world technology is developing at a rapid pace and new things are invented to the world on a regular basis and that applies for baby gender prediction as well. Ultrasound exams (Sonograms) are a good example of this scenario. Ultrasound is the most widely used technique nowadays, for knowing the sex of the fetus, as it is safe and very accurate.

Ultra Sound Gender


Amniocentesis is a method of extracting amniotic fluid from the uterus. Amniotic fluid contains fetal tissues and other substances, such as alpha-fetoprotein (AFP). These substances offer essential information about the baby’s health as well as gender. Therefore it is mostly used for diagnosis of fetal infections and chromosomal abnormalities. Although it is an accurate way for sex determination, it is not recommended by doctors for this purpose as Amniocentesis is too considered as invasive, like CVS.

Chorionic Villus Sampling

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) can be considered as one of the earliest methods invented to predict the gender of the baby. However, this method is not recommended by the experts because it has been identified that it can cause miscarriages. CVS test is done by removing a small amount of placenta. Then they look for the Y chromosomes in that placenta. If they could not detect any Y chromosomes, they will come to the conclusion that it is a baby girl.

DNA tests

Baby gender prediction can also be carried out by DNA tests. Blood samples are taken from the mother and DNA tests are done for the chromosomes. According to the researches, it has been identified that these DNA tests are very successful than the ultrasound exams. It is a safe method and the expectant mother will not have to face any harmful side effects. However, expectant parents should keep in mind that DNA tests also not 100% accurate.