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In various cultures and civilizations, over the centuries, due to cultural and social factors, preference has always been given to male offspring. Hinduism propagated the strong belief that an individual is unaccomplished in life without having a son.

Who determines the sex of a baby?

The determinant of the gender of the child is the fertilization procedure of the male’s X- Y-chromosome. The reproductive system of the mother consists of X-chromosomes and the sperm of the male consists of X-chromosomes and Y-chromosomes. So, if the ovum is fertilized by the Y chromosome it’s a male child and if the ovum is fertilized by the X chromosome, it will be a girl.

The physiology of the mother is not a determinant of the gender of the child, as per the science of Embryology, so the child’s gender solely depends on the male sperms. However, Vedic science vindicates otherwise.

The mother’s ovum has an option of making a choice of the kind of chromosome in the sperm and discarding the other, hence the mother’s anatomy also plays a significant role.

Ayurvedic researches and studies that highly hinge on astrological conventions vindicate that the ovum released from the left ovary may attract the X chromosome sperm, consequently resulting in the birth of a girl whereas the right ovary will attract Y-chromosomes, thus resulting in the birth of a boy.

It has been vindicated through various studies of modern embryology that the ovary can release ovum from the left side or the right side during the initial 10 to 12 days of the menstruation period for fertilization. However Vedic science states that the side from which the ovum is released depends on one’s horoscope and the alignment of stars & planets at that particular time.

Below is an effective and prevalent method used to control the gender of your child and this method work successfully, 4 out of 5 times.

The Science of breath gender selection method

As per the Ayurvedic science, the best time for conception would be 4-16 days after the menstruation. The days with even numbers are considered conducive for the conception of a boy, whereas days with odd numbers are conducive for a female baby.

To begin with, pick whether you want a male child or a female child, and accordingly pick an even or odd night.

When one breathes from both his nostrils, it’s known as “Sushmana Svar” (which occurs early morning or during dusk); when we breathe from the left nostril, it is known as “Moon Svar”, whereas breathing from the right nostril is known as “Sun Svar”.

It is said that for a conception of a male offspring, the mother must lie down on the right side, due to which she will breathe from her left nostril and the father must lie down on the left side so that he breathes through the right nostril. When the male breathes from the right nostril, his sperm will generate a Y-chromosome that can lead to the conception of a male child. If you want a female child, reverse the system.

It is important to note that to start Sun Svar, lay down approximately 15 to 20 minutes on the left side so that the pressure of your body is on your left hand.