The most common question expecting mothers are asked is regarding the gender of their unborn baby. Welcoming a new baby to the family is always a happy moment but the nine months leading to the birth are some of the most anxious months for the parents.

Stormed with questions like do you know what you are having and have you thought of any names yet, some parents tend to get the gender identified months before the baby is born while others like to keep the surprise going till the moment of birth.

For people who want to know the gender of their unborn child, an ultrasound after around four months of pregnancy can reveal the gender of the baby however there are many people who believe that there are many other ways to know the gender of the baby as well. A popular English Television Presenter by the name of Holly Willoughby has come up with her own unique way of predicting the gender of unborn babies. Her technique is very simple and is based on the shape of the mother’s tummy and how the mother holds the pregnancy bump.

Holly Willoughby Gender Prediction Technique

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According to her when a pregnant woman puts her hands on the side of her stomach bump and her hands bend inwards then that means the woman is going to have a boy. The same way if the hands bend outwards the woman is going to have a girl. It might sound a bit farfetched in this scientific era however Holly Willoughby claims that she has a record of 100% accurate predictions. She recently predicted the gender for the baby of one of her colleagues and the prediction was totally correct.

People might think of this concept as farfetched however this prediction technique has some scientific surroundings to support itself. Men and women have different and unique body features that are responsible for the change in shape and the way the bump is held. It should also be noted that this is not the first time that someone has predicted baby gender through ways other than technology. In ancient times people used to predict the gender of the baby by only looking at the pregnant woman. Their predictions were based on how the women carried themselves during pregnancy. The concept was quite successful and effective with most of the predictions coming out to be true.

Holly Willoughby has received a lot of praise from her peers regarding the new gender prediction technique. A lot of people have come out on social media in favor of the authenticity and effectiveness of the Holly Gender Prediction technique. We should realize that men and women are different and having either of the two in your womb will make you feel unique and special. There is no rocket science behind the concept.

While having a baby is a very magical moment, there is nothing magical about predicting the gender of the baby. There are many people out there who use different techniques in order to predict the gender of the unborn baby but all these techniques are in one way or the other based on science. Your baby’s gender determines the way you carry yourself which eventually ends up identifying the gender of your unborn baby.