Are you in search of fun, engaging, and non-medical methods to predict your baby-to-be’s gender? You’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive article introduces you to over a hundred intriguing at-home gender prediction tests, many of which may surprise you with their uniqueness and creativity. Dive in and explore these captivating techniques to get a hint about whether you’ll be welcoming a little girl or boy.

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Facial Changes

Aside from the obvious growing bump, did you know there are many other factors, both external and internal, that can serve as relatively accurate gender predictors for expecting parents. Facial changes in the expectant mother are one of the external indicators when it comes to predicting the sex of the baby.

woman facial changes

. Shape :

Facial shape is a good gender predictor. When the face gets narrower and longer you are said to be carrying a boy; when the shape takes on a fuller and rounder form you are said to be carrying a girl.

. Skin :

Acne are more prevalent when the mother to be is carrying a girl; if the skin stays clear and free from spots then she is carrying a boy.

. Hair :

The hair of an expectant mother that is carrying a girl will often be seen to be duller and thinner than before she became pregnant; when the hair becomes more glossy and full of the body then she is having a boy. It should also be a girl if reddish highlights are found in the hair during pregnancy.

woman with dull hair


To predict baby gender, you can also pull a pregnant woman’s hairs up from the back of her neck. If you find new hair growth that forms in “V” shape, she is having a boy. If new hairs are growing straight across the neck, she is having a baby girl.

. Nose :

When pregnant, the expectant mother can also expect to notice changes in the size and shape of her nose when she is carrying a boy. These changes where the nostrils will get bigger and wider are only temporary and the nose will return to its former shape once her infant son is born.

Y eye vein means carry a girl

. Eye Vein :

By studying the white part of the eye under the iris you can also predict the sex of your unborn child. If there is the presence of a vein, either “V”, “Y”, or “U” shaped under the left eye then you are said to be carrying a girl; when this vein is present under the right eye it is said that you are carrying a boy. When there are veins present in both eyes then the sex of the unborn child is female; no veins at all mean that you are carrying a boy.

. Pupil Dilation :

This is a German folktale. Look at the mirror for at least one minute, and if the pupils dilate, it is a boy. Otherwise, it is a girl.

eye dilation

. Overall Beauty :

For pregnant women, if you feel yourself or your friends tell you that you look prettier than before, you are probably carrying a son. If unfortunately, your beauty disappears when you are pregnant, you are more likely to have a daughter.

Interestingly, the Chinese think the opposite which means that a girl in the womb brings pregnant women more beauty.

Body Changes

Unlike subtle changes in the mother’s facial features, overall body changes are considered more obvious and easy to spot. Along with the growing belly, the mother’s changing bodily shape in various areas may also serve as good gender indicators of the baby.

. Breast Sizes :

The breasts of women who are carrying girls will grow faster and gain a bigger size than those of women who are carrying boys.

At her book “Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?“, science journalist Jena Pinecott says that women carrying female babies have their breasts increase an average of 8cm (3.2 inches) compared with 6.3cm (2.5 inches) for women carrying boys.

In Poland, a study of 120 women carried by Galbarczyk A. of Jagiellonian University Medical College, reveals that

Changes in breast circumference during pregnancy were associated with the infant’s gender. Surprisingly, mothers of female infants had greater breast circumference changes than the mothers of male infants.

There is another way to use the breast sizes as a baby gender indicator. If the right breast is larger than the left one, then it is a boy. If the left bust is bigger, it is a girl. This is a good gender predictor. Hippocrates of Cos (460~357 B.C.), who is referred to as the father of western medicine, described

“if the fetus were a boy, the right eye of the mother would be brighter and clearer and her right breast would be larger and of a particular shape.”

. Belly Shape :

The sex of the unborn child can also be predicted by studying the shape of the belly. When the belly expands to the sides and towards the hips like a watermelon, you are said to be carrying a girl; when the belly is basketball-shaped and is all out the front then you will give birth to a son.

. Belly Softness :

If the belly of the pregnant female remains soft then she is carrying a girl; when the belly is tense and hard she will give birth to a son.

. Position of Carrying :

The sex of an unborn child can be determined by looking at how his/her mother is carrying him/her in the womb. When the baby is positioned high up the mother-to-be is carrying a girl; when the mother-to-be is carrying low she will give birth to a son.

. Legs :

If an expectant mother is suffering from swelling in the legs at the earlier stages of pregnancy then it is said that she is having a girl; if her legs don’t swell at all or swelling only occurs in the later stages of pregnancy then she will give birth to a baby boy.

. Leg Hair :

If you notice acceleration in the growth of hair on your legs then it is said that you are carrying a boy.
woman shaving legs

. Hands :

The sex of the unborn child can also be predicted by looking at the hands of the expectant mother. When her skin stays soft and supple she is carrying a girl; when the skin becomes hard and cracked she is having a boy.

. Nail :

The development of the nail could be a good gender predictor. If nails grow faster and stronger, it is probably a boy.

. Belly button :

If the navel starts to protrude when you are pregnant then your unborn child is male; if your belly button stays the same then you are carrying a girl.

. Stretch Marks :

Stretch marks come with the territory of being pregnant, most especially in the tummy. However, you can determine the sex of your unborn child by looking carefully at these marks; more marks on the left-hand side of the tummy mean that you are carrying a boy; if there are more stretch marks on the right-hand side then you are carrying a girl.

. Pregnancy Line :

It is a dark line that runs up from the pubic bone to the navel during pregnancy. When this line goes far past the navel and reaches the rib cage, the baby is a boy; when the line stops at the belly button, it is a baby girl.


If there is another line above the navel, and the two lines meet at the navel, it is a boy. If the two lines do not meet, it is a girl.

lines nigra

. Entire Body :

If from behind the expectant mother doesn’t seem to be pregnant then it’s a boy, but if she looks pregnant from all sides, then it’s a baby girl.

. Vaginal Discharge :

If you are seeing the passing of whitish liquid (in small quantities) during your pregnancy from the vagina, you would have a baby boy. If you are passing through small dots of blood occasionally during your pregnancy, it is believed to be a baby girl.


Now from a more internal perspective; in order to best predict the sex of the baby, one must not only look at changing physical features but also observe internally on the expectant mother’s overall emotional state and general state of health. Some gender indicators may include specific cravings, overall activeness, or likeliness to get morning sickness.

. Heartburn :

According to old wives’ tales, heartburn means the baby will come out with a head full of hair. The fact is that most women experienced severe heartburn during pregnancy got a boy.

. Headache :

It is more likely that women who are carrying boys get frequent headaches, while those who are carrying girls do not or only occasionally get headaches.

cold feet with socks

. Cold Feet :

Cold feet in this context mean having icy cold feet rather than being scared of the birth of a baby. Myth has it that if pregnant women have cold feet during your pregnancy then they are more likely to be expecting a boy.

Research has been carried out in Germany surrounding the subject of cold feet during pregnancy, and it has been reported that more often than not the pregnant women with cold feet were carrying boys. It is not however entirely clear as to why the circulation should suffer more when the woman is carrying a boy as opposed to a girl.

. Sex Drive :

Once the pregnancy has been confirmed, a woman who loses some of her sex drives is said to be carrying a girl; when her sex drive becomes stronger she is said to be carrying a boy.

. Cravings :

This is, in fact, a very common gender prediction method. Not all but most pregnant women will experience cravings during her pregnancy. When she craves salty or spicy or sour foods then she is said to be carrying a boy; when she craves sweets she is said to be carrying a girl.
girl eats chocolate

Some say that the woman loves red meat if she is having a boy. She loves to eat fruit or drink fruit juice if she is having a girl.

. Appetite :

When a mother-to-be is continually hungry during her pregnancy, it is said that she will give birth to a baby boy; when her appetite stays the same or decreases she will give birth to a daughter.

. Vitality :

If you become lazy when pregnant and suffer from lower than normal levels of energy it is said that you are carrying a girl; when you stay active during your pregnancy then it is said that you are carrying a boy.


. Morning Sickness :

The majority of pregnant women will report morning sickness at some stage during their pregnancy, but the severity of the sickness can help predict the sex of the unborn child. Mothers who are carrying a daughter are more likely to suffer from severe nausea, this sickness being far less severe when the mother will have a son.

Morning sickness in the pregnant woman has been extensively studied, and the long-lasting morning sickness that is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum was found by Swedish physicians to be more prevalent in women who were carrying baby girls. The results of their findings were published in THE LANCET ((Sickness in pregnancy and sex of child, Jan 1999), with the conclusion

… we postulated that mothers with hyperemesis gravidarum are more likely to give birth to girls than to boys.

. Quickening :

It is a son if the fetus moves early!

While there is no scientific evidence to support the above statement, the relationship between gender and quickening had been mentioned in certain ancient texts. Hippocrates (c.460-377BC) states that the male fetus begins to move in three months but the females in four months. Bernard de Gordon (fl.1270-1330) also taught that female moves at four month, and the male at three. Ambroise Paré (1510-90) believed that boy movements at three and a half months and girl movements later.

. Fetal Movement :

Movement is stronger for male fetuses than for female fetuses when they are at the same developmental phrase.

In a recent study which involved 6546 mothers, researches found out that males are about 10% more active than females during the latter two-thirds of pregnancy. They sum up the result as follow,

By the fourth month of pregnancy, mothers reported that males were significantly more active in the womb than females.

Ancient Chinese Gender Prediction Methods

Ever since the dynasty ages, ancient Chinese were keen on producing male heirs to carry on the family name. Thus, they developed different ways of gender prediction in order to figure out the sex of the unborn child. One of the more popular methods that still remains relevant today is the Chinese gender chart. Aside from that, there are also other methods derived from ancient Chinese medical system, Taoism, and overall observation of the facial features of the expectant mothers.

. Call from behind :

For this method to work, the pregnant woman has to be walking in a southerly direction when someone calls out her name from behind. If the woman turns back to see who is calling her from the left then she is said to be having a baby boy; if she turns from the right then she is carrying a girl. Well, don’t shout too loud to the mother-to-be or you will scare her and her baby!

. Pulse :

This is a scientific way of baby gender prediction. When the left wrist pulse feels more slippery and rapid, it should be a boy. If the right wrist pulse feels more slippery and rapid, it is a girl. Instead of doing it by yourself, this method is far more accurate when you visit an experienced TCM practitioner, and it should be noted that it is only a valid method when the first trimester of pregnancy has passed. See more details.


. Green excrement :

For this method to work a pregnant woman needs to hold an infant of another woman who has not yet reached the teething stage. When she is holding a baby that is the same gender as her own unborn child then the excrement of the baby will remain the same; when she is carrying a baby of the opposite gender to that in her womb the next time the infant passes a motion the excrement will be green. A weird way of gender prediction!

green poo

. Color of the nipples/areolae :

During any pregnancy, the nipples and areolae of the expectant mother will change in form, shape, and color. If during pregnancy, the color of the nipple and areola shows on the left breast is darker than that on the right side, she is carrying a boy. If the color on the right side is darker, it is a girl.

. Expressions :

The importance of expression takes an imperative role in the theories of Chinese physiognomy. The developmental state of the fetus directly impacts the facial expression of the pregnant mother. Thus, one of the methods in Chinese physiognomy on determining the baby’s gender is by observing the pregnant mother’s expressions & behaviors. Specifically, if the baby is a boy, then the mother during her pregnancy would look well-rested, radiant, and have a strong sense of chi (Qi), which would cause her to be very energetic. In addition, the mother would speak in a more calm and graceful tone of voice. She would also exhibit fewer periods of frustration, anxiety, and confusion. All the above expressions and behaviors during pregnancy indicate a boy in the womb and that the fetus would grow to be physically strong and healthy.

On the other hand, Chinese physiognomy believes that if the pregnant mother is often displaying mood swings, periods of frustration, anxiety, and confusion, meaning that the fetus within has a weaker chi. This then indicates a greater possibility of giving birth to a girl.

Big Temper

. The Children’s Palace :

Another way to determine the gender of the unborn child is by observing the areas known as the children’s palace, which are located below the eyes. If the children’s palace of the mother-to-be seems white or yellow then she is carrying a boy; when these areas are showing a greenish color then she is carrying a girl.


. Chinese Gender Chart :

This is probably the most common gender predictor nowadays. The chart can also be used to select baby gender.

. The 49 method :

For this one needs to know both the Chinese lunar month in which the mother-to-be conceived and the Chinese lunar age at the time she got pregnant (find both of them at the lunar age calculator) in order to determine the sex of the unborn baby. Here is the formula

49 + (Chinese lunar month in which the mother conceived) – (the Chinese lunar age at the time the mother got pregnant) + 19

If the result is an odd number, the baby is a boy. An even number means a baby girl.


. The Bagua (eight trigrams) method :

In Taoism, Bagua is the representation of naturally occurring processes. With the (lunar) age of the father, the (lunar) month in which the mother conceived, and the (lunar) age of the mother, a trigram can be formed. Since each trigram stands for either a yin or yang, the gender of baby can be determined.

To predict the baby gender, find out whether the following values are odd or even, and then check the table below

  1. the lunar age of the father at the time the mother conceived (Heaven)
  2. the lunar month in which the mother conceived (Humanity)
  3. the lunar age of the father at the time the mother conceived (Earth)


So, a 30-year-old dad and a 25-year-old mom who conceived on the 9th lunar month will get a girl (even-old-old). Again all the lunar age and lunar month can easily be found out at the lunar age calculator.


. Fists :

This method involves the mother-to-be clenching her firsts and checking the formation of the skin between the palm of her hand and her little finger. When the skin is pointed then the woman is carrying a baby boy; when the skin is rounded it means she is carrying a girl. This method has various levels of success but only limited to the first time the woman is pregnant.

Gender Prediction with Urine

Urine from the expectant mother does not only serve to determine if she’s pregnant or not. Many different types of urine tests that involve combining urine with different substances to observe the change in color may also serve as good gender indicators for expecting parents.

. Alcohol Test :

A test that uses the first pee in the morning to mix with medical alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). If the alcohol does not change color, you are having a girl; if it turns red then you will have a boy.

. Baking Soda Test :

This test involves peeing on a little baking soda in a plastic cup. If the mix fizzles then you are said to be carrying a boy; a mix that does not fizzle is said to indicate that you are carrying a girl.

. Ancient Egyptian Test :

egyptianIn Ancient Egypt, the sex of an unborn child was predicted using wheat and barley. The mother-to-be would urinate over seeds of both barley and wheat. If the barley sprouted then the woman was carrying a boy and if the wheat sprouted she was carrying a girl.

In 1933 a German pharmacologist repeated the Egyptian test on 100 urine specimens from an equal number of pregnant women. With 23 samples the germination rates of seeds in the remaining tess, 58 diagnoses were correct and 19 were wrong. (Julius Manger, Untersuchungen zum Problem der Geschlechtsdiagnose aus Schwangerenharn, 1933)

Students from the University of California, Davis has translated an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which is believed to have been written in 1400~1600 B.C., regarding the barley and wheat sprouts pregnancy test.

Egyptian Pynamid

Here is the translation :

➤ Another way of seeing whether she is with child or not with child
➤ Take barley and emmer, she should moisten them with her urine
➤ Every day like dates, like cakes in two sacks
➤ If they flourish in their entirety, she will be with child
➤ If the barley flourishes, then it is male
➤ If the emmer flourishes, it is female
➤ If they do not flourish, she is not with child

. Drano Test :

For this test, you will need a glass and two tablespoons of blue crystal Drano. You should then add your urine to the glass and watch the color of the mix. If the mix turns dark brown almost straight away then you are carrying a boy. If there is no color change or darkening after 15 seconds then you are expecting a girl. Find more about the Drano test here. The below video shows the result of a “boy”.

⚠ This experiment should be done outdoor with special care. Drano is a dangerous chemical and you need to ensure that you throw away the mix carefully once you have finished.

. Cabbage Test :

You will need a red cabbage for this test. The size of the cabbage is not important as you will chop it into pieces and place them in a pan of boiling water. Allow the cabbage (it will be purple in color) to boil for ten minutes and then take the pan off the heat. Once the cabbage has finished boiling you need to urinate in a clean cup. Then combine an equal amount of your pee with an equal amount of the water from the cabbage. If the mix of urine and water turns purple you are carrying a girl; if it turns red then you will give birth to a boy.


. Urine Color :

Analysis has shown that urine color is among the best gender predictor. You can predict the sex of your unborn child by looking at the color of your urine. Bright colored urine is supposed to indicate you will have a boy and dull-colored urine a girl.

Numbers and Calculation

Throughout ancient times, many different cultures around the world created specific calculation methods that help to predict the gender of the baby. These methods are mostly similar in that it uses specific dates such as the mother and father’s birth date or date of conception to predict the sex of the unborn baby.

. Mayan Method :

In ancient times, the Maya used math to calculate various activities in their daily lives from the eclipse of the moon to calendar calculations and market transactions. Amongst these calculations, they developed one specifically for predicting the gender of an unborn child. To calculate this they took into consideration the age of the mother and the year of conception. When both numbers were even or odd then the unborn child was female; when one number was odd and the other even the child would be a boy.


  • 32 years old woman, who was conceived in 2006 = girl
  • 29 years old woman, who was conceived in 2006 = boy
The Mayan temple at Chichen Itza, Mexico

. Brazilian Method :

The Brazilian version varies from that of the Mayan method in that they use the month of conception as opposed to the year as well as the age of the mother to be when she conceives. Once again however, when one number is odd and the other even the mother is expecting a boy; when both are odd or even the child will be a girl.


  • A 28-year old woman, who was conceived on July = boy
  • A 27-year old woman, who was conceived on May = girl

. The Remainder Method :

This approach is provided by a Japanese senior midwife, the accuracy of this method is said to be as high as 98%. Sum up the Chinese lunar month in which the mother conceived, the mother’s Chinese lunar age at the time she conceived, and the father’s Chinese lunar age at the time his wife conceived, and then divide it by 3. If there is no remainder or if the remainder is 2, then she is having a girl. If the remainder is 1, she is having a boy.


▸ Mother’s birth date : 12/5/72
▸ Father’s birth date : 3/30/66
▸ Mother conceived date : 12/10/14
Use the lunar month and age calculator, you will get
Mother’s lunar age : 43
Father’s lunar age : 49
Lunar month of conception : 9

(43+49+9)/3 = 33, with a remainder 2
Result : It is a girl

. Blood Renewal Theory :

This gender predictor is said to be Russian folklore. According to the theory, the male has his blood renewal every four years, and the female every three years. The baby’s gender is determined by the newest blood at the moment when the mother is conceived. So to do this test, you will need 1) the father’s birthday, 2) the mother’s birthday, and 3) the possible conception day.

Here is how you do it. Keep adding 4 yr to the father’s birth year, until the year closest (without over) to the year of conception. Do the same thing to the mother’s birthday except only adding 3 yr to the mother’s birth year. The one which is closer to the date of conception means the blood is “newer” and the unborn baby will have the same sex as that person.


▸ Father’s birthday : May 6, 1986
▸ Mother’s birthday : June 12, 1988
▸ Date of conception : December 18, 2014
Blood renewal on the father : May 6, 1986 ➙ May 6, 1990 ➙ May 6, 1994 ➙ ……. ➙ May 6, 2008 ➙ May 6, 2014
Blood renewal on the mother : June 12, 1988 ➙ June 12,1991 ➙ June 12,1994 ➙ ……. ➙ June 12, 2009 ➙ June 12, 2012

Result : the father’s blood is newer than the mother’s, and so a baby boy is expected.

. Japanese Gender Chart

To know the gender of the baby, you will need to know the father’s month of birth, the mother’s month of birth and the month of conception.

Step 1 ~ At table 1 below, find out the number where the father’s month of birth meets the mother’s month of birth. It is a secret number.

Table 1

Step 2 ~ At table 2, find out the baby’s gender by crossing the month of conception with the secret number.

Table 2
Table 2

▸ Father’s month of birth : July
▸ Mother’s month of birth : September
▸ Month of conception : April

At table 1, you get the secret number 1 by crossing the father’s month of birth (July) with the mother’s month of birth (September). Then at table 2, cross the secret number 1 with the month of conception (April), and you will get a girl.

Pendulum Tests

Gender predictors tests that involve creating a pendulum style motion out of certain objects are considered more popular in western cultures. These types of methods may not be scientific but time and time again, they proved to be consistently accurate in their predictions.

. Ring Test :

The Ring test can be considered as the other popular method of gender prediction. It is an accurate type of old wives’ tale. This baby gender prediction method is also very simple. The expectant mother will have to hold the ring over her left palm in a steady way.

Once the ring stops wobbling, it will start moving in a cycle or in a swing. If the ring moves in a cycle, it will be a girl and if the ring starts swinging, it will be a boy. Some parents say that this method becomes a success. It can even predict miscarriages as well. If it pauses between each one and stops when finished, the reason will be a miscarriage. This method does not need more expensive equipment and an expectant couple can predict the gender within a few seconds. However, people always have to remember that all these methods do not give 100% correct predictions at every time.

Some people believe that in order to get the best outcome, a strand of mother’s hair is preferable to a foreign object like a piece of string.

. Pencil Test :

This test not only shows a pregnant woman the sex of the baby that she is carrying but also shows her how many babies she will have and what gender they are. In fact, all women can perform this test even they are not yet pregnant.

For this test, you will need a sharp pen that has an eraser on top of it. Stick a needle into the eraser and then go on to thread a piece of sewing thread through the needle. Once you have finished this, place your arm on a table or other hard surface and dangle the pencil above your exposed wrist with your palm facing up. The pencil will start to move in a circular motion and will then start to move from side to side or up and down. If the pencil moves up and down, following the length of your arm you are expecting a boy; if the pencil moves across your wrist in a side-to-side motion then you are carrying a girl. If the pencil moves in big circles, you probably may have a miscarriage.

If the test is performed correctly, the pencil will move small circles between each prediction. So, if your first child is supposed to be a boy, it will move up and down for a while, and then it will start swinging in small circles again before it tells you the gender of your second child. If there is no more child, the pencil moment will slow down and then stop completely.


. Birthstone Test :

For this test, you need a birthstone pendant. If you don’t have one, then you can take a birthstone and tie it to a string. Now tell a friend to hold it over you.

Get a friend to ask you several questions for which he/she does not know the answers, like “have you eaten chicken today, or did you read a book last night?” Do not reveal the answers to your friend, but notice what kind of movement does the pendant shown in response to your answers. In other words, if the answer if “yes”, notice whether the pendant moves in a back-and-forth motion or in a circular motion.

Now tell that person to hold the pendant over your belly and ask: “Is the baby that [YOUR NAME] is carrying a girl?” If you see the pendant swings in the same way as with your “yes” answer, then it is a girl. Otherwise, it is a boy.



Another good gender indicator of the baby is the observe the mother’s overall living habits during pregnancy. Daily habits developed by the expectant mother may demonstrate whether she is carrying a boy or a girl. These may include how she would hold an object or which side she prefers to sleep on at night.

. Sleep Position :

Sleeping position can be used to indicate the sex of the fetus. If the mom-to-be always sleeps on her left side, it is a son. If she prefers to sleep on her right side, it is a daughter. This is among the best gender predictor that the dad-to-be can use to know the sex of his child.


. Get Up :

Wake up a pregnant woman, and ask her to sit on the bed. If she gets up by pushing herself with both hands behind her, she is probably having a daughter. If she uses one of her arms at her side to get up, the baby is a son.


. Mug Test :

Ask the expectant mother to pick up a cup or mug. If she uses the handle to pick up the mug then she will have a boy; if she grasps the body of the mug then she will have a girl.

. Palms Up or Down :

Get someone to ask a pregnant woman to show her hands. If she shows her hands with the palms down, she is having a boy. If her palms up, it is a girl.

. Key Test :

For this test to work, the pregnant woman needs to be unaware that the test is being carried out. Simply hand a key to the mother-to-be and watch how she grabs it. If she grabs the round part first then she is carrying a boy; when she grabs the narrow part first she will give birth to a girl.



Sometimes, predicting the sex of the unborn baby may simply be an instinctual thing, especially to the expectant mother. During pregnancy, the mother and the baby share a special bond, not only physically but in some ways, they are connected. Therefore, a simple gender indicator may be purely based on the mother’s instinct.

. Name :

When parents are choosing a name for their unborn child, if between them they can only decide on a name of the same sex, then this is the sex of the child to be born.


. Mother Knows :

Predict gender solely from mother’s gut feeling.

A study was carried out by Dr. Victor Shamas and Amanda Dawson at the Arizona Birth and Women’s health center in Tuscon, where 100 mothers to be were asked to predict the sex of their unborn child. Of those that claimed that they had an intuition about the sex of the child, an astounding 70% were indeed correct.

. Dreams :

Dreams have often been significant indicators of fetal sex. In many European countries, dreams of a knife or an ax indicate a son. Dreams of a fountain or a spring indicate a daughter. In India, dreams of lotus blossoms, mango trees, or men’s food are believed to predict a boy. Check out for more gender prediction and pregnancy-related dreams here.


Family Knows Best

So far, gender indicators mostly involved the expectant mother’s emotional state of mind and physical changes. However, one can also observe specific features of the father or the sibling. The gender of the unborn baby may also be predicted by examining the father’s physical features or the behavior and appearance of the sibling.


. Father’s Weight :

If the father-to-be gains weight while his wife is pregnant, it’s a girl. If he doesn’t gain weight, it is a boy.

Couvade Syndrome is the name for sympathetic pregnancy, the partner sharing the mother to be’s symptoms. Sympathetic pregnancy is most prominent towards the end of the first trimester, and it is noted far more in the final trimester. With no cure, the only way to stop feeling these symptoms is to wait for your partner to give birth.

A study was carried out in Denmark with 100 fathers-to-be who were suffering from such symptoms, and the results were quite alarming. Off the 100 dads who gained weight, 95 of their partners gave birth to a girl and just five to a boy.

. Baby’s heart rate :

Predicting the sex of your unborn child by using the heart rate is a popular old wives’ tale. If the heart rate is less than 140 BPM then you are having a boy; a heart rate that is faster than 140 beats per minute indicates that you will give birth to a baby girl.

beating heart

While most researches indicate that there is no significant difference between the heart rate of male and female fetuses, A study revealed that the hearts of female babies when laboring, beating faster than those of male babies.

. Baby’s heart sound :

If the heartbeat sounded like a train, it is a boy. If it sounded like a horse galloping, it will be a girl.

. What the sibling says :

If a young kid keeps telling the mom-to-be the sex of his/her unborn sibling, he/she is probably right.

. Mama or Dada :

This tale only applies to the second and following children. If your first child’s first word was dadda (dada), you’ll have a boy. If the first word was momma (mama), you will have a girl. The same method applies to all the immediate younger siblings.

. Hairline at the Back of Neck :

In India, mothers look at the hairline of their children to predict the sex of their next child. When the hairline of their first child is straight, the unborn child she is carrying will be of the same sex; if the hairline is pointed (or V-shape) then her next child will be of the opposite sex.

Pointed hairline and Straight hairline
Pointed and Straight hairline

. Hair Whorl :

To predict the gender of your baby you can also study the hairline of your previous child. The hair whorl will go in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction; if your child has an anticlockwise hair whorl your next child will be a girl, and if the whorl is clockwise then you are expecting a boy.

Counterclockwise and Clockwise hair whorl
Counterclockwise and Clockwise hair whorl

. Baby Bald Spot (Patch) :

This one was told by a Korean old lady. If there is a rounded bald spot founded on the back of your baby, your next child will be a girl. If it is a long spot across the back, your next child will be a boy.

Circular & Long hair spot
Circular hair spot & Long hair spot

. Toddler :

If a toddler shows interest in your belly or likes to hang out with you when you are pregnant, you are having the opposite gender of the toddler. In other words, if the toddler is a girl, you are having a baby boy, and vice versa.


. Inverted Nipples :

If the nipples of your baby are inverted (invaginated) at birth, your next child will be the opposite sex, if the nipples are not inverted, your next child will be the same sex.

. Wrinkles :

Wrinkles can also be a gender predictor. If wrinkles are found on the upper part of a newborn child, the next child will be the opposite sex.


One other good gender indicator is utilizing the moon to predict the sex of the baby. Specifically, one can utilize the cycle or various phases of the moon to generate a calculated guess on the sex of the unborn baby. These philosophies suggest that the moon cycle works with the ovulation cycle of the mother-to-be in a certain way.

. New Moon :

In Touraine, France, to see a new moon within six days after a baby was born foretold that the next child would be of the same sex; if after more than six days, of the opposite sex.


. Moon Phase :

This philosophy suggests that during a full moon the eggs are attracted to male sperm and during a new moon to female sperm. Therefore if your ovulation falls at the time of a new moon (from the start of a new moon up until one day before the full moon) then you will carry a girl. If you ovulate during a full moon and the days up to the next new moon then you will carry a boy. In order for this test to work, you need to calculate the day that you will ovulate in your menstrual cycle as well as study the patterns of the moon. The test is supposed to be accurate, other than when you ovulate on the day before either a new moon or a full moon, where it is said to be a 50-50 chance which sperm will be attracted to the egg.

moon phrases

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Old Literature

In addition to the modern methods of predicting the sex of the baby, there are also many tests and observation methods written in the old literature that proves to be useful gender predictors. During the ancient western cultures, well-known literature such as England’s midwifery book, Aristotle’s Masterpiece, exists to suggest methods of predicting the sex of the baby during pregnancy.

Les Évangiles des Quenouilles (The Distaff Gospels)

A fascinating fifteenth-century collection of more than 250 popular beliefs, constitutes a kind of encyclopedia of late medieval women’s wisdom. The women’s beliefs and experiences are recounted within the narrative frame of traditional gatherings where women meet with their spindles and distaffs to spin. They share advice on such important matters as how to control errant husbands, how to predict the gender of future offspring, how to cure common diseases, and ways to deal with evil spirits, providing a rare look into the intimate lives of medieval peasant women.


From the book, you can find the salt test and the foot test:

. Salt Test :

If you wish to know whether a pregnant woman is carrying a girl or a boy, then sprinkle some salt over her head while she is sleeping, so gently that she is unaware of it. Take notice of the name she calls first once she wakes up. If she calls a man’s name then she will give birth to a boy, but if she calls a girl’s name then she will give birth to a girl.


. Left Foot or Right Foot :

When a pregnant lady walks with her right foot first, she is carrying a boy for sure. If she walks with her left foot first, it is a baby girl.


Aristotle’s Masterpiece
Aristotle’s Masterpiece, also known as The Works of Aristotle, is a midwifery book that was popular in England from the early modern period through to the 19th century. Capitalizing on the Greek philosopher’s reputation as a sex expert in England at the time, Aristotle’s Masterpiece was first published in 1684, and it was written neither by nor about Aristotle. Despite its title, the manual has little to do with Greek philosophy. It is a sex and pregnancy manual, offering male and female anatomical descriptions, as well as information about sexual intercourse, reproduction, and childbirth.

There were more editions of the Master-Piece published in the 18th century than any other medical text. It sold well on the black market due to it being banned for being considered distasteful and lewd, until 1961 when it became available legally for the first time.

From the book, you can find several gender prediction tests:

. Breast Milk in Water

… let her milk a drop of her milk in a bason of fair water; if it sinks to the bottom, as it drops in, round in a drop, it is a girl she is with child of; but if it is a boy, it will spread and swim at the top. This I have often tried, and it never failed.

. Color under the Eyes

If the circle under the woman’s eyes, which is of a wan blue colour, be more apparent under the right eye, and that most discoloured, she is with child of a boy; if the marks be most apparent in her left eye, she is with child of a girl.

. Breast Hardness

With a boy ….. The right breast is more plump and harder than the left, and the right nipple redder.

. Color of the Woman

The color of a woman is more clear and not so swarthy as when she conceives a girl.

. Rising up from Chair

Signs of a Male Child ……….. The woman, when she riseth up from a chair, doth sooner stay herself upon her right hand than on her left.

. Position of Fetus

The child is first felt by her on the right side; for the ancients are of opinion that male children lie on the right side of the womb.

A recent study has somewhat confirmed the above gender prediction method. Through a sample of 5276 pregnant women that underwent ultrasonography from 1997 to 2007, they found that,

“97.2% of the male fetuses had a chorionic villi/placenta location on the right side of the uterus whereas, 2.4% had a chorionic villi/placenta location to the left of the uterus. On the other hand, 97.5% of female fetuses had a chorionic villi/placenta location to the left of the uterus whereas, 2.7% had their chorionic villi/placenta location to the right side of the uterus.”

The Byrth of Mankynde (The Birth of Mankind)
The Byrth of Mankynde (The Birth of Mankind) by Eucharius Rösslin was the most important English language work on midwifery in the 16th century. Offering information on conception, pregnancy, birth, and infant care. It influenced most other literary works of the period bearing on reproduction, childcare, and sex. From the book, you can find a baby gender prediction test.

. Milk on Glass (from The Byrth of Mankynde) :


In English, it is “But if you be desirous to know whether the conception be man or woman: then let a drop or two of her milk be expressed on smooth glass or a bright knife, or else on the nail of one of her fingers. If the milk flows and spreads widely upon it, by and by then is it a woman child: but if the drop continues to stand still upon that which it is milked on, then is it sign of a man child.” (Rösslin E. The Byrth of Mankynde. Book III, cap. iiii. London: T. Raynalde; 1540)

Tools and Animals

On top of observing the physical and emotional state of the expectant mother or the father, there are also many tools that may be used as tests to predict the gender of the unborn baby. These methods were derived from various cultures, and although they may not be scientifically proven to be accurate; they all serve to make a gender prediction based on a pattern of results.

. Wooden Spoon Test :

For this test, ask a pregnant woman to throw a wooden spoon on the floor. If it lands hollow side down then she is having a boy; when it lands the arch side down then it is a girl.


. Penny Test :

For this test, you will need to lick your thumb and wipe it on a penny coin. Once the penny is wet you should hold it against a wall with the split side looking at the wall. Press the penny onto the wall for 30 seconds and then let go; if the penny sticks to the wall you are carrying a girl, of it falls down then you will have a boy.

US Penny

. Chicken under the Bed :

Put two chickens, a hen, and a rooster, under the bed of the pregnant woman (and her husband). The sex of the baby will be the same as whichever chicken comes out first.


. Pin or Needle :

This is a Persian folklore. A pregnant woman who happens to find a pin in the street will have a male child, but finding a needle presages a female child. (Ṣ. Hedāyat, Neyrangestān, 1963)


. Spider Web :

In Hungary, a pregnant woman might make a hole with her finger in a spider web; if the spider repairs the damage of the web, expect a male child. (Rudolf Temesváry, Volkbräuche und Aberglauben in der Geburtshilfe und der Pflege des Neugebornen in Ungarn, 1900)

. Garlic Test :

If a mom-to-be eats a clove of garlic raw and she can still sense the smell seeping out from her pores even days after, it is going to be a son. Otherwise, it is a girl.


. Louse test :

This is a Moroccan folklore. Dropping a louse on a pregnant woman’s exposed abdomen. If the insect lands on its legs, the unborn baby is believed to be a male; if on its back, a female. ( Jean Avalon, Coutumes et pratiques Marocaines dans la grossesse et l’accouchement, 1927)

. Toilet Test :

In Japan, when the dad-to-be calls the mom-to-be while she is on the toilet if she turns suddenly to the right, the baby is a son. To the left, a daughter.

This test is similar to the Chinese “Call from behind” test


. Spoon and Fork Test :

In order to carry out this method for predicting the sex of the unborn child, you require a fork, a spoon, and two chairs. The fork should be placed on one chair and the spoon on the other, the objects being covered with a serviette. The mother-to-be is not allowed to see the process, and once both objects are covered she is asked to choose a chair to sit on; when she sits on the spoon she will give birth to a girl, and when she chooses a fork it will be a boy.

In Italy and some other countries, people use a knife instead of fork and scissors instead of a spoon for this test.

. Turkey Wishbone :

Let the mother-to-be and father-to-be hold each side of a turkey wishbone, and then break it. If the father-to-be gets the bigger end, the baby is a boy. If the mother-to-be gets the bigger end, the baby is a girl.


. Sprinkle Salt :

A test from Romania. Let the father-to-be sprinkle some salt in the mother-to-be’s hair silently, and watch where she scratches first. If she itches her lips, she is having a girl, her nose, a boy.

cat walking

. Cat Test :

Ask the pregnant woman to stay in a room with another lady, and have them sit on chairs on opposite sides of the room. Then let a cat enter the room. If the cat takes a glance at the pregnant woman first (preferably jumping in her lap), she is going to have a boy. If the cat ignores the pregnant woman and goes for the other lady, a baby girl is predicted.

. Bread Test :

Serve a pregnant lady a loaf of bread, if she prefers the heel, it is going to be a son, if she refuses to eat the heel, it is a daughter. This test is said to originate from Italy.


. Owl or Raven :

In Albania, owl and raven are notable child predictors. The cry of an owl presages the birth of a daughter, while the croaking of a raven is a sign of a son.


. Baby Dancing :

In Vienna, the City of Music, if the fetus dances with music, it is a girl. If the fetus remains quiet, it is a boy.


. Pick a Number :

Ask a pregnant woman to pick a number from 1 to 8. If she picks 1, 4, 6, or 7, she has a higher chance of carrying a boy. If she picks 2, 3, 5 or 8, she should be carrying a girl.

. Facial Tissue :

Lay a facial tissue flat on a table. Then ask the mom-to-be to grab the tissue right in front of a few people. If she grabs the edge of the tissue, she is having a girl. If she grabs the corner of the tissue, she is having a baby boy.

Let us know if you have other gender predictors.

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