Have you ever wondered why you fail to get pregnant even after you and your partner are both certified fully healthy and capable after a fertility check-up? Well, it could be one of several reasons, but the most likely is a phenomenon called cold womb (cold uterus, 宫寒). There is good news for you though; a simple and natural treatment can take care of it.

The treatment for cold womb may not be well known in Western society, but it is very common amongst Chinese with countless successful treatments reported. Some celebrities claim this treatment is the real deal, after failing to get pregnant by using other methods. As a matter of fact, this treatment is so effective that many women bingoed only after two months of treatment. So what exactly is this infertility treatment you might ask? As funny as this might sound, it is just a simple hot foot bath.

Cold Womb

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), cold womb means that the female uterus 1 is cold. The uterus must be warm in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Cold womb not only affects normal conception, but also endangers the baby’s health, and causes miscarriage.

What causes cold Womb

Fail to get pregnant

Womb becomes cold when stimulating by freezing air. A lot of girls often wear just one to two thin layers in cold weather; even expose their navels and waists in freezing air in the fall and winter. Over time, cold invades the uterus, causing cold womb, which leads to infertility. Other than bad dressing habits, those who spend a lot of time in an air-conditioned environment, have too many cold beverages or sit on cold floor so often, may also affect the health of the uterus and lead to cold womb.

Cold womb Symptoms

How do you know if you have a cold womb? Here are the common symptoms

  • Menstrual cramps.The amount of blood lost is less, and the blood color is dark red. Blood clots often occur.
  • More vaginal discharge with abnormal odor.
  • Feeling of cold; Cold body, hands and feet.
  • Pale face. Loss of the sense of taste.
  • Frequent urination. Loss of sexual desire.
  • Waist and abdominal obesity, along with shortness of breath and weakness.

Hot Foot Bath

Benefits of hot foot bath

A nice foot bath after work does not only remove tiredness from your feet but also alleviates a great deal of stress. Doing a foot spa regularly can bring you a healthy life in many ways, and here are several of them.

  • Detoxification
    From the foods we eat, the air we breathe, unhealthy lifestyles and stress, toxins buildup in our bodies, which can lead to many health issues. Toxins can cause obstructions of good blood circulation, which in turn impacts the body’s ability to move nutrients and oxygen to cells, and normal body growth. Body wastes cannot be passed if blood flow and circulation are being impaired. Since a foot spa will improve your overall blood circulation, it will also aide other parts of our bodies, and helps your system’s function properly.
  • Restore Your Body Balance
    If your nerve endings and pathways are obstructed, you could experience fatigue and sluggishness because energy is not able to flow smoothly throughout your body. A hot foot bath can help by releasing these obstructions, allowing for a sense of overall well being, without using chemical techniques. You will also experience a state of great harmony and balance within your body because your health will greatly be improved.
  • Relieve Sickness
    Stimulating the reflexology points during foot bathing can help to relieve headaches, migraines, joint pain, indigestion, and acidity problems. It’s suggested that if you have suffered from arthritis for some time, getting a morning and evening foot spa would benefit you.

Hot Foot Bath with Ginger to Clear Cold Womb

In TCM treatment, soaking feet in hot water every day is a very effective way to clear the cold in the uterus, as enhancing blood circulation can warm up the uterus. The result will be even better if fresh ginger is added to the treatment. Fresh ginger is one of the most used herbs in TCM. It is mainly used in the treatment of colds for its ability to eliminate toxins and raise body heat. Modern medicine regards that fresh ginger can stimulate capillary, improve blood circulation and metabolism. Thus, a hot foot bath with fresh ginger help to establish an ideal environment for the uterus to prepare not only for pregnancy, but a warm environment for the fetus to grow.

How to Prepare Ginger Water?

Hot ginger water doesn’t mean to simply soak ginger in hot water for a few minutes, but to slice and mash a small ginger root (15-20g, about half of a middle size ginger root), add it to a pot less than half-filled with water. Cover the pot and boil for 10 minutes. Add this ginger water into your foot bath, and add a moderate amount of cold water until 40° (until you don’t feel very hot). [40°C = 104°F]

In case you have trouble preparing the ginger water, you can simply use ginger powder which works as good as fresh ginger.

Essential Points for Hot Foot Bath

Take a hot foot bath every day until you get pregnant. You can take it anytime during the day but recommend having it before going to bed, as you will sleep better and feel more relaxed after the treatment. Here are some essential points for a better treatment result

What Container should be used?

Traditionally people use wooden buckets for hot foot bath simply because wood can keep the heat for a relatively long time. However, it is very heavy and you still have to keep adding hot water. With a home-use electric foot spa machine, all the hassles are gone. The electric foot spa machines can keep water at an ideal temperature. Not only that, but the bubbles generated by the machines can also help to massage the reflex points at your feet. There are some tall bodies machines which make them even more suitable for hot foot spa with cold womb treatment purpose. Here are some popular models found at Amazon. See their review here.

Pregnancy Infertility

Foot Massage after Hot Foot Spa

A foot massage can also boost your chance of getting pregnant by strengthening the reproductive organs. If you can massage the reflex zones associated with fertility, after a foot bath, the chance of successful pregnancy will further be increased.

Here are the female reproductive reflexes on feet;

Reflex points on the feet
Reflex points on the feet for women’s health


The following video shows you the proper ways of massaging the reproductive reflexes.

So are you ready to get pregnant? Give it a shot, as it is good for your health anyway!