The Chinese Birth Gender Chart doesn’t look so scientific for you, right? Hi-tech gender selection methods like Microsort and PGD give you almost 100% guarantee of obtaining your favorable baby gender. But they are so expensive and unnatural. The following gender selection methodology is provided by an obstetrician in Taiwan, who claims that the success rate of getting a baby boy is higher than 90% of all the five keys are followed.

Eat the right food

The wife must start to take alkaline food about two weeks before sexual intercourse for pregnancy. Alkaline rich foods include vegetable, fruit, milk, wheatgrass … etc (see the alkaline foods table).

acid alkaline food chart

The husband, on the other hand, should eat more kinds of seafood, meat and protein-rich food. Seafood, like clams, oysters, shrimp, and crab are excellent sources of zinc, and zinc can boost sperm count. Clam extract has a similar function.

Wait for the right time conception

Prevent sexual intercourse a week before ovulation in order for sperm accumulation. Consult your physician or find out your ovulation day by our ovulation calculator.

Provide a suitable environment for the right sperm

Fill an empty syringe (or vaginal washing device) with soda water*. Before sexual intercourse at the ovulation night, inject and wash the vagina for 5 minutes with the soda water. This provides a favorable alkaline environment for the Y-sperm.

* Soda water can be made by mixing baking soda and water

Step 4 : Stay in the bed

The woman should empty the bladder before sexual intercourse, as she will need to stay in the bed for a long time. After ejaculation, the woman should lay on her back with a thick pillow holding up her butt for several hours. This action accelerates the male (Y) sperm and egg fertilization.

Wait for the next cycle

Avoid sexual intercourse until the end of the next menstrual cycle.

The above five keys are all important. The chance of getting a baby boy will be 90%~95% if you follow all of them.