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With our Chinese Lunar Age Calculators, you not only get your lunar age, but you also get the lunar date of your birth date and your chosen date. In case you want to apply your lunar age for baby gender prediction, the Chinese Gender Predictor could be a better tool for you.

We have here created two lunar age calculators for your different purposes.

1. Calculate your lunar age on a given day

This calculator shows 1. your lunar age on a given day, 2. the lunar month and day of your birthday, and 3. the lunar month and day of the chosen day.

Lunar Age Calculator I
Date of Birth
Lunar Age as on

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2. Calculate your lunar age(s) in a given year

With this yearly lunar age calculator, you can get, 1. the date range of each lunar month within a chosen year, 2. your lunar age at each lunar month, and 3. the date range of lunar leap month.

Lunar Age Calculator II

Date of Birth

Lunar age in

* This calculator shows you the lunar date rate from 1950 ~ 2030 only